Greenwood After School is private after-school club for boys and girls living near London Fields. The programme is housed in the lovely garden flat below our home in Greenwood Road — a dedicated space that the children in our care are invited to make their own.  

We work to create a familiar, comfortable environment where children can relax after the school day and engage in a kind of learning that schools can’t always provide. In addition to opportunities for free play, rest and reading, we offer an informal curriculum of traditional home activities: projects such as baking, sewing, gardening and preserving, which enable children to work with their hands, feel the movement of the seasons, and get to know the materials of their world.



  1. -Gardening

  2. -Cooking and Baking

  3. -Jam-making, Pickling and Preserving

  4. -Science experiments

  5. -Sewing and Knitting

  6. -Writing and Illustrating

  7. -Arts and Crafts

  8. -Potions, potions, potions

Our Service

  1. -M-Th, 3:30-6:30 p.m.

  2. -School pick-up available

  3. -Healthy snacks and meals

  4. -Holiday sessions

  5. -Termly commitment required

  6. -Ofsted, First-Aid, CRB


Susan Chambers

07528 680713